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Teresa's Story

It's all about the journey!

A little bit about me 

Hi there and thank you for visiting my page! My name is Teresa and I want to share a bit about me and the journey that has brought me to create Shine Your Light. My life has not always been easy...I have suffered greatly (by my own choices and the choices of others that I allowed) which has made me look deep inside myself. I had to do the hard work of forgiveness, asking for forgiveness and seeing that all the challenges and suffering I have gone through were for me to learn and grow. I have had many dark moments in my life but after seeing the light and changing my own life, it is now filled with blessings, love, joy and happiness. My life is not perfect, however, I now handle difficulties much better than I ever thought I could. My purpose is to empower you to overcome hardships, suffering and finally begin to live a life that is full of happiness, joy and most of all LOVE! I am SO excited to share my light work with the world. I offer intuitive guidance that is 100% free of judgement as I have been through most hardships in life that you are experiencing. This girl has been through it all! The wonderful thing is that this allows me to easily relate to all that you are going through and offer you a gentle yet effective way to handle and deal with these struggles. There are many tools that I can offer you throughout your journey. I can also offer assistance for those of you that are on your spiritual journey and are learning about your gifts. Some of the tools that I work with are Energy Healing, Intuition, Crystals, Essential Oils, Angel Cards, Reiki and past experiences. I am a Certified Angel Energy Healer, Intuitive Guide, Certified Angelic Reiki Practitioner, Crystal Healer and a friend that you can talk with, relate to and lean on. I absolutely love helping others and can’t wait to share these gifts with you!

Looking Back On My Life

It's hard to look back sometimes at the choices that we make. Once you find peace with those choices, you are able to create a future that truly makes you happy. I try to see those hard times as stepping stones & I have to laugh at some of the choices and mistakes that I made. Silly girl, what were you thinking?

Creating My Future

Once I made peace with my past choices, I was so FREE! I can now look forward to all of the joy and love that awaits me. This is my wish for you no matter where you are on your journey. If I can help just one of you to avoid some of the pain and suffering that I experienced, it has all been worth it! Some pain is unavoidable but the good news is we get to choose how to deal with it and that my friends is what truly matters.

Love, Light, and Angel Kisses