Welcome to Shine Your Light!

Healing Sessions

What to expect in a session: When you arrive I will have chosen items for you that I have intuitively selected. These items can be crystals, oils, sprays,  candles, angels, etc. We will sit down and chat about what it is that you are ready to heal and release. I will confirm what you have communicated to me and begin your session by clearing the space and dedicating it to the highest and greatest good. I will then connect with you directly by gently placing my hands on your shoulders. I will intuitively deliver to you information on what can be done to heal this area of your life as well as insight on the situation. I will then assist you in releasing this blockage so you may begin to heal.

Once complete, we will sit together and process what information was given and answer your questions. During the next 28 days, your energy will continue to heal. You may notice exciting, yet subtle changes in you and your life and things will become clear for you. You will also see subtle changes in the people & situations in your life. You will all benefit from the loving energy that is delivered to you. Returning to heal every two weeks is highly recommended as you will experience many wonderful changes as you work to restore love & happiness in your life.

This session is $65 for 30 minutes and $95 for 60 minutes. 

Each session can be completed in person at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts, 5808 S. Rapp Street Suite 275, Littleton, Colorado or via phone or Skype.

My hope is that you will leave this session with an overall sense of empowerment, peace and love. 

Cancellation policy: 50% Payment is due at the time of booking. Cancellations made 24 hours in advance will be given a credit to be used within 30 days of originally scheduled appointment. No refunds will be given. Thank  you!   .