Welcome to Shine Your Light!

Intuitive Guidance Sessions

I love completing these sessions for my clients! We both learn so much during these sessions that we often find ourselves laughing, crying and experiencing joy on such a high level that it is hard to express in words. 

What to expect from a session: When you arrive I will have chosen items for you that I have intuitively selected. These items can be crystals, oils, sprays, pocket angels, etc. We will sit down and chat about what it is that you are seeking answers to. It is then that the meaning of the items become crystal clear. I will then choose cards from one of my Angel Card Decks and we will explore the meaning of each card & answering your questions. 

This is a magical time as we look deeply into their meanings and how they relate to the situation you have inquired about. We will begin to create a plan for you and discuss the best and most loving ways to move forward. We will continue with card selection as well as utilizing the many tools that are available to us to bring about balance and harmony in your life. There is usually enough time to explore a couple of different areas of your life during your time with me. We will conclude the session with a release of anything that has come up that you are ready to let go of. This is a wonderful way to cap off this loving session in a gentle way as we work to let it all go. 

How long is a session & how much is a session?  A typical session will last 1 hour however, if additional time is needed and available I will be happy to extend that to you at $1 per minute.

This session is $65 for 30 minutes and $95 for 60 minutes. Each session can be completed in person at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts, 5808 S. Rapp Street Suite 275, Littleton, Colorado or through distance via 
Skype, Zoom or Messenger

My hope is that you leave this session feeling empowered, supported and relieved of the weight you have been carrying. 

  Cancellation policy: 50% Payment is due at the time of booking. Cancellations made 24 hours in advance will be given a credit to be used within 30 days of originally scheduled appointment. No refunds will be given. Thank  you!